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    Machinery transport

    Specialists in machine transport. We offer you a complete service throughout the Italian and European territory

    Abnormal load transport

    We specialize in transporting exceptional. We are able to guarantee transport and lifting solution.

    Cranes rent

    The cranes are guaranteed by the cee regulations and the personnel employed are highly qualified.

    Industrial transport and removals

    We specialize in transporting and moving small and large industrial parts.

    Facchini trasporti: road haulage of Gaggiano (MI)

    Since 1950 we find the solutions tailored to your needs

    The company Facchini transport of Walter and Paul work in the transport sector since the beginning of the century following the various developments in the transport sector.

    Our company has tractors, trucks with crane from the medium and high power, articulated trucks, crane trucks, trailers, semitrailers and telescopic loaders for special loads, forklift with telescopic boom capable of carrying up to 70Q.

    We specialize in the transport of machinery, abnormal loads, crane rental, transport and industrial removals.

    Transport is inclusive of insurance, the cranes are guaranteed by law cee and the staff is highly qualified.

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    Facchini trasporti

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    E-mail: info@facchinitrasporti.it